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Dear X Who Doesn’t Love Me

Dear X Who Doesn’t Love Me

Watch Dear X Who Doesn’t Love Me 123movies online for free. Dear X Who Doesn’t Love Me 123Movie:

Hee-soo finds out that her crush is dating a freshman. After drinking her sorrows away with her best friend Si-ho, a lyrics note that Hee-soo has never seen before catches her eyes. She opens it and writes down a love lyric inspired by her crush. The next day, Hee-soo finds out that the lyrics she wrote on how and when she wants to be asked out become true in a real life. Despite some drawbacks of the note, will Hee-soo use the note till the end enjoying the joy of dating her lovers or will Si-ho, the only one to know about the note, stop her?

TV Status: Ended

Duration: 26 min